Book - Fight for Your Marriage Without Fighting with One Another

Book - Fight for Your Marriage Without Fighting with One Another

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When husbands and wives feel a fight coming on, both have a unique way of making battle preparations. While the man loads his cannons of logic, facts, and reason, the woman looks to her emotions as a means of defense. It is not too long before both are involved in a battle that has raged throughout the ages between many a husband and wife. It is a battle that has produced few, if any, victors yet many casualties.

In How to Fight for Your Marriage Without Fighting with One Another, Dr. Raymond Force teaches couples a Biblical, yet refreshing approach to fighting for their marriage.  


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Using a 2-step process, Dr. Force encourages couples to lay down swords of negativity and wield swords that are not only Biblical in nature, but far more effective.


In How to Fight for Your Marriage Without Fighting with One Another, you will learn:


* The top mistake men make in a fight

* Why it is vital to open the spirit of your spouse before trying to reach their mind

* How good relationships go bad

* A refreshing approach to solving marriage issues

* A simplified approach to restoring trust in a marriage

* How to find happiness despite the behavior of your spouse

* How to embrace the differences between you and your spouse

* How to love an unlikeable spouse

* How to move forward in a marriage despite your despondent feelings

* How to restore a feeling of safety in a marriage


Available on Amazon for an Immediate Download 


What Others are Saying:


“The scriptural-based principles in this book have absolutely resurrected our marriage! A must-read for both the sound and struggling marriage!”


"My husband and I are almost done reading your book on marriage. Holy did you get so wise?! You hit the nail on the head on everything! Absolutely astounding. We would like to lead a 'Life Group' at our Church . . . "


“A must for pastors and lay persons to use as a guide when counseling with married couples.”


“I want to thank Dr. Force for helping me and guiding me in my marriage. We have done a 180 after going thru this book! I feel that we are in a safer environment. All your tools are definitely inspired by God to help troubled marriages . . . you have taught me that love/marriage is sacrificail and that God can mend any marriage – no matter how broken.”


"I finished reading the book and i must say it was a wonderful read. Waiting on my husband to start so we can do the questions together, I told my husband that the author must have been a fly on the wall in our house because everything applied to us. I thank God for putting the ad on the story for me to see and the author for writing the book now I cannot wait to get started on working on our marriage."


"Got the book and read it in two days!!! I know when I begin to falter I can go back and re read and let this book (along with the Bible and the verses the book points out) reinforce what I need to be doing.....not just a one time read and tuck away type book!!! I pray it will change my views and actions and one day my husband will read this book too ......."


"I have LOTs of marriage resources, and this is the best.  It's so direct, yet not mean in its approach to correcting me.  It is also so much easier to see how so much of the marriage advice, really can be applied to any relationship."


"Best one I have ever read!"

Book Features:


- Thought Provoking discussion questions at the end of each chapter 

- Designed for individual as well as group study

- User friendly for the group study leader that is pressed for time

-  A God centered approach to strengthening marriages

5.25" x 7.25"

- 171 Pages

- ISBN:  9781634436281

- Publisher:  Hitting Home


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